Sunday, August 20, 2006

Frozen Pizza

Tonight I ended up eating some of a frozen pizza at home for the first time in probably three years. Frozen Pizza was a staple of my diet in college, and the first few years afterwards, but after that it was pretty completely replaced with getting pizza out and/or Linzy's homemade pizza (which is terrific.

Tonight the planets aligned like thus:

Linzy wasn't feeling well, so she decided she wanted chicken soup for dinner instead of the planned meal. At the last minute, I realized that while we had chicken soup for Linzy, we didn't have any of the types of soup I like. So I went to the grocery store to pick some up.

After getting the soup, I was walking past the pizza aisle and for some reason recalled that on our last trip to Davanni's they had signs at the table advertising their new frozen pizzas. Since they had were supposedly available at Cub, I decided to wander down the aisle to check out whether they actually carried them. At this point I didn't have any intention to actually getting a pizza, I just was curious to see how much they were charging for the Davanni's brand pizza.

Unfortunately, they didn't have the pizza, so my question wasn't answered. But in the course of looking through the entire selection of pizza's, I started thinking that perhaps a frozen pizza wouldn't be so bad for dinner. After seeing a particularly good looking Chicago-style sausage one, I caved and bought myself a pizza for dinner.

Unfortunately, going off the board for a random variety pizza was a bad choice, as I didn't really even like the pizza. I should have stuck with Tombstone.

And yes...I was hungry when I went to Cub. Always a dangerous situation.

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