Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Garden of Weden

Earlier this summer, I got some new neighbors on one side of my house. They seem nice enough, although I haven't had much interaction with them. Shortly after they moved in, their bulldog made a prison break out of their fenced backyard by pushing his way under the fence in a spot where the chainlink portion was a bit off the ground (and thus flexible).

Just a few days after that, my new neighbors spent a weekend staking down the fence and filling in the gaps between the ground and the fence with black dirt, and then re-seeding the new dirt. I assumed that re-seeding was with grass.


It was actually wildflowers. The picture doesn't really do justice to the size and thickness of the plants.

Now, I like wildflowers as much as the next guy when they aren't threatening to invade my lawn. But when they are spreading through the fence and get in the way when I mow, then I get a little annoyed. Not annoyed enough to actually complain anywhere other then here, but it does seem sort of tacky not to at least put a border or something around the wildflower patch to keep it from spreading.

Oh well.

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