Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Guest Blogger: Identity Unknown

Someone decided he had better things to do this evening than blog.
So the guest blogger has to do all the work around this house!
Plus, I had to pump out 2 posts today myself.
Check them out here.

(Shameless I know!)


McBrideFarm said...

Pippen? Is that you?


Bill Roehl said...


Linzy Eck said...

OHHHHHH! That's a good idea for Steve's next guest blogger! The Pippen! It would be all about her though she says!

Steve Eck said...

Pippen has already had her turn as a guest blogger, see this post in December 2004.

Unfortunately her post mainly consisted of demands and threats, so she hasn't been invited back.

Dan Phillips said...

Thats true steve, however I thought you were a supporter of free speech. Was I wrong? Pippen is part of the family and has a right to speak her piece. It seems that you are a dog hater, and obviously seem to want to keep females silent. Im going to give you the benefit of the doubt and judge you by your future actions. I hope you prove my assumptions wrong. >.<