Friday, August 25, 2006

Movies: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Last night Linzy and I randomly ended up watching the re-make of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory after what I was going to watch was pre-empted by storm coverage. I loved the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when I was a kid, and probably have read it multiple times. I've also seen the original movie a few times and thought it was OK when I was a kid.

The re-make is pretty crazy, it is definitely a Tim Burton movie. But at the same time the book was pretty weird too so to some extent that is expected. I enjoyed Johnny Depp's crazy/creepy take on Willy Wonka. He did a fairly perfect job of treading the line between enjoying having the kids around and showing off his magic factory, and not really wanting them there. There was definitely a Michael Jackson vibe in there too.

The visual look of the film is pretty incredible, definitely very distinctive. Particularly once they get into the factory, the colors seem to explode off the screen.

My complaints are mainly around how they changed the story, and the fact that as much as I liked Johnny Depp's performance, I still don't think he measured up to Gene Wilder. But the movie did entertain me, and was worth seeing.

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