Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean 2

Tonight I was looking back over some of my posts and realized that a movie I saw a while back had slipped through the cracks and was never reviewed. And we can't have that.

About a month ago, Linzy, Brenden, Allison and I were four of the millions (and millions) of people who went to go see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. I wasn't really all that impressed.

As it happened, the ending had been ruined for me by Gerard and Wes when we were picking up the TV but I don't think that really had much to do with my ambivalence towards the movie. Instead I just didn't find the movie particularly compelling.

I was disappointed (but not surprised) to find that most of the humor from the first movie, which felt fresh and spontaneous then, felt forced and 'written in' this time around. I also didn't think they did much to try and build the characters beyond what had already been done. Finally, I thought the movie seemed to drag on a bit. There was plenty of action but it didn't really feel like a lot of it was central to the story.

On the other hand, the special effects were pretty cool (particularly, of course, Davey Jones). And there was definitely a lot of action, with the sword fight on the waterwheel probably being one of the highlights.

I didn't really hate the movie, I just didn't like it all that well. Certainly not as much as I enjoyed the first one. I guess that is pretty common with a sequel, and probably explains why I never felt compelled to write anything up about the movie.

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