Thursday, August 17, 2006

Pippen the Explorer

The other day Linzy took Pippen with her to get the mail from the mailbox across the street. Our neighbor across the street happened to be out and so they spent a little while talking. During the course of the conversation, our neighbor told us about something we didn't know happened.

Apparently earlier this summer we left Pippen out to roam the house while we were running an errand. Leaving her loose is fairly common if we are not going to be gone all that long. On this particular day it was very windy and at some point the front door blew open (we must have forgotten to throw the deadbolt). Pippen, being unsupervised, took advantage of the opportunity to explore the neighborhood. She checked out our yard, and then started ranging further afield.

I can just imagine her little brain churning as she imagined the possibilities of wandering the block without being on the end of a leash. All the smells to sniff for as long as she liked, things to roll in, stuff to try and eat, etc.

Luckily when Pippen crossed the road, she wasn't killed and our neighbor was able to snatch Pippen up and return her to the house.

Thus ended the short-but-sweet career of Pippen the explorer, as now we are extra careful to make sure the deadbolt is thrown if she is going to be loose in the house and/or we are going to be gone. I'm sure it was fun while it lasted.

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