Saturday, August 26, 2006

Random Junk

Last weekend I got frustrated with the amount of crap in our office closet, and so spent several hours taking everything out, looking through all the boxes, sorting junk into 'save' and 'throw out' piles, and then putting everything back into the closet.

Most of the junk was my fault as it was computer stuff that I was hoarding for unknown reasons, but there was a fair amount of other stuff too. Most of things, I had no idea we had kept. A sampling of some of the stranger stuff:

  • An entire plastic tub filled to the brim with empty jewel cases (including frustratingly, some with Microsoft OEM numbers that I was looking for back when I submitted for rebates).

  • The 6 and a half year old new-hire kit from my current job.

  • A force-feedback steering wheel and pedals for the computer, that I haven't used more then half a dozen times because it used to lock up my old computer and didn't really work very well with Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed, which was the only reason I bought it.

  • A huge plastic tub filled with books I thought we had sold long ago.

  • 15 old movie posters that used to decorate my dorm, apartment, and/or bedroom in my college days.

  • Three different DSL modems, despite the fact I haven't had DSL service since 2000.

  • 23 more-or-less empty product boxes from networking equipment, gameboy games, the scanner, etc. (and that doesn't count the unopened and still shrink-wrapped gameboy game boxes)

  • A gift set of fragrant soap, which since it had been inside a closed tub for many years was really fragrant.

  • The laundry bag I used in college (yuck).

  • A set of headphones so old the foam on the ear pieces disintegrated when touched.

I was a little sad to see the steering wheel go, as it was expensive back in the day, and I always had a secret hope that I would find a driving game some day that really took advantage of it. Oh well, at least the closet looks a lot nicer now.

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