Saturday, August 19, 2006

Stocking Up

After work yesterday I stopped at Sam's Club to pick up a case of Heineken as some friends were coming over for a Game Night.

While I was standing in line, three guys who were all together got in line behind me. Each had his own cart filled to the brim with cases of beer. Unable to help myself, I had to count. Between the three of them, they had 22 cases. Now that's some serious stockpiling of beer.

I'm not quite sure why they couldn't have just settled for a few kegs. Sure there might have been a bit less variety, but it would certainly have been cheaper. And probably easier to get home and keep cool then 22 individual cases of bottles.

Incidentally, I had plenty of time to count their cases of beer because they lady in front of me spent 10 minutes trying to get the 80-year-old cashier to answer whether "Wine X or Wine Y was a better 'summer' wine".

Lady, it's Sam's Club. You can buy meat trays to feed 20 people through the other door, and the liquor store's specialty appears to be cheap prices on party jugs of liquor. Not knowing anything about wines.

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