Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Too Slow, Too Thick

Tonight was the first day in probably a week or more where our thermometer hasn't been reading 'extreme caution' or 'danger' regarding the heat index (it was only 'caution'), and it hasn't been raining. I was looking forward to finally getting in a nice bike ride where I don't spend most of the ride wilting in the heat.

I was literally half-changed into my biking gear when my pager went off with a call from work. Clearly I need to invest in quicker-to-change-into biking apparel.

Speaking of apparel, At work we have a fairly strict dress code. It is claimed to be 'business casual', but leans more towards 'business dress' minus a suit/tie requirement. A few days ago I was talking with one of my former teammates who has since moved to another part of the company.

He was telling me about how though that day he would have met our groups dress code, the previous day he wouldn't have. Apparently he gets wear spots on his khakis on the back pocket where he keeps his wallet, and unbeknownst to him one of the pairs had actually worn through leaving a nickel sized hole in the pants. Which would clearly be a violation of the dress code.

I commented that it was a good thing the VP (who dictates things like dress code to us) didn't see him, because then he would have had two problems:

1) He wasn't meeting dress code.
2) The VP would have thought that clearly he was paying my friend too much, since he carried around a billfold thick enough to wear through his pants pocket.

And actually, I'm not sure which of those would have been worse.


Bill Roehl said...

The "dress code" here is not equally enforced and for once the men are getting short changed here.

We have to wear long pants and polo shirts (or better). On Monday my office was in the high 80s (the thermostat, which they are currently replacing hoping to cool my office down, was reading 88). Plenty of women in the building were just fine because they were in "dressy" sandals and skirts.

As long as they can put up with my deodorant crashing about 2pm I'm fine with it ;) Payback!

Steve Eck said...

Ugh, 88 or any temp in the 80s for that matter would be way too hot for me. I think I'd be working from home...