Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Vikings Game

Last night, Linzy and I made our traditional trip to a Vikings preseason game. The game was a lot of fun, despite the fact that it was the first game of the preseason (for the Vikings at least) rather then the third game that we usually attend.

This year I splurged (relatively speaking) and got my company's lower level seats, which are in the first row. The seats are basically as close as you can get, because they are in one of the end zones so there aren't even players on the bench in between you and the action. They are so close you could give high fives to the cheerleaders as they run past, if you were so inclined (which the season ticket holders nearby were).

I've never sat that close to the field before, and it was really cool. You could really appreciate just how huge and fast the players are, when you were that close. Similarly you could see what a beast Sebastian Janikowski is, that man looks more like a linebacker then a kicker.

Unfortunately the Vikings didn't play all that well, and lost to the Raiders 16-13. They could likely have tied things up in the closing seconds of regulation, but instead let JT O'Sullivan try three passes for the end zone. Incidentally, JT sucks and should be cut as soon as humanly possible.

One bad thing about the seats was that even though they were close to the field, since they were in the middle of one end zone once the plays were moving away from us and past about the 30 yard line, it was pretty hard to have any sense of distance. You could tell if someone got sacked, but you couldn't tell if a run picked up 3 yards or 7. That combined with the 4th string players meant that by the 4th quarter I was having a hard time caring about what was going on the opposite end of the field unless we had the ball.

Still the game was a ton of fun, and I was really glad that we got the lower level seats. It was a great experience.

The Raiders running onto the field.

Just before the Vikings players run onto the field.

The Vikings driving down the field for their first touchdown.

Ragnar (Vikings mascot) celebrating a first down.

Ryan Longwell getting ready to kick a field goal.

The cheerleaders celebrating a field goal.

And doing a dance between quarters.

The Raiders attempting to score (our defense stiffened and held them to a field goal).

Kevin Kasper returning a kickoff.


Bill Roehl said...

Glad to see you got your camera back! :)

Moe said...

Our company has season tickets? Cool.

Nice pictures.

Steve Eck said...

Bill, It was actually my parents camera (which happens to be the same model). Though mine is in the mail on its way back as of today.

Moe, Yep, they have at least four seats in the upper deck and like 8-10 in the lower level. But you can only buy preseason tickets at will. The regular season ones are a lottery and/or a United Way bidding war (for the Packers game).

linzyeck said...

I would also just like to clarify that it was not only the season ticket holders in our row that high fived teh cheerleaders! Steve also got a hand down there! His excuse was that they would feel bad if they ran by our section and no one high fived them!