Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Brainerd Vacation: Friday

Last week, after we spent the early portion of the week experiencing the Brainerd area, 9 friends came up to join Linzy and I at our cabin in Brainerd.

People trickled in as Friday wore on. Dan and Nikki were the first to arrive, just before lunch. Gerard, Mike and Wes showed up shortly there after, and Shawn and Andrea arrived right on their heels.

After getting everyone settled in, we decided to do some mini-golfing. Linzy and I had seen a cool-looking Pirate's Cove course just down the road. Unfortunately in the time it took to get everyone agreeable to mini-golf, Mike had disappeared into town.

The first casualty of the weekend turned out to be Mike's car. He drove into town to pick up some food and beer and one of the tie-rods broke. He managed to make it back to the resort by driving 30 mph, but eventually Clarence had to come and tow it to the repair shop.

Pirate's Cove turned out to be really great . They had two courses to choose from, and the one we picked (Blackbeard's Challenge) was pretty cool, with all sorts of interesting holes (although this one happens to be fairly pedestrian).

The most original hole was one where almost everyone would end up hitting the ball into what looked like a water hazard but turned out to have a ball chute that dropped you near to the hole. Gerard somehow managed to get his ball to bounce over the chute and into the waterfall. Luckily Mike was there and on the ball, and fished it out before it plunged down into a watery grave.

Gerard and Linzy on a slightly safer hole.

Gerard and I finding humor in our terrible mini-golfing performance.

Hey, this course has spices and rum, that will come in handy later!

After mini-golf most of us went and tried out the go-carts next door. They were a ton of fun, although it was fairly difficult to pass people due to the narrow course.

Nikki did a terrific job of defensive driving, keeping me and Mike from lapping her for about 5 consecutive laps. Eventually there was a near accident, and Mike grabbed the lead back from me.

After go-carts, we all went back to the cabin for some burgers and brats (an Eck-party staple). I battled through an unfamiliar grill, the rain, and running out of propane to get all the meat cooked. Now that's dedication to making sure my friends don't go hungry.

What game should we play....How about Moose!

Would you like Rum, Rum, Rum, Rum, Rum, or perhaps some Rum?

Shawn brought some cool transparent cards with.

Nikki was trying to teach people how to salsa dance, but no one was able to get it down.

The light switch by the door to the patio turned out to control every single outlet in the living room, so when Mike flipped it (thinking he was turning on the outside light) the entire room went dark and everything shut off. Thus I dubbed it the "Kill the Party Switch", and had to create appropriate signage.

The last two guests were so late we ended up starting a pool to guess their arrival time. All I have to say is this: "They exceeded everyone's expectations".

Around 3am Dan came back to the cabin soaking wet, and announced he had tested out the lake.

Gerard and Wes couldn't let Dan be the only one to jump in the lake, so they did too. Rumor has it the lake was extremely cold. I can't personally vouch for that, but it sure felt cold enough on my hand that I didn't feel I needed to test it on my head.

Eventually the party wound down and people started disappearing to make late-night phone calls, or head to bed. So they would be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for the next day.

...To Be Continued...

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