Sunday, September 24, 2006

Brenden's Birthday

Tuesday was Brenden's 30th birthday. Since he was in Austin the previous weekend, that meant that Saturday was his annual Brenden's Beer and Bowling Birthday Bash. This being the big Three-Oh, it was even more of a blow-out then previous years.

There was a very impressive turn-out at the party, including some friends from high-school I haven't seen in probably close to 10 years. It was fun to talk with them, as well as everyone else who showed up.

Linzy found a great card to give Brenden, one that featured Spinal Tap on the front, and played "Tonight I'm going to rock you, Tonight" when opened (the Spinal Tap song that will be in Guitar Hero 2). Inside it said "No matter how old we get, we'll always have fun playing together", which was perfect considering all the time Brenden and I have spent playing Guitar Hero against each other. In fact, we did get roped into demonstrating our Guitar Hero-on-expert skills at the party, where Brenden promptly waxed me at two consecutive songs before letting me pick the song so I could pick up at least one win.

Andy, Rebbecca and Brenden sharing a laugh.

After dinner, a little less then half of the group headed over to Brunswick Zone for the bowling portion of the bash. The Brunswick zone turned out to be a surprisingly good deal, charging just $14 for all the bowling you could fit in in 2 hours and letting us bowl with just 4 people per lane.

Chris bowling, after having proved his dominance with back-to-back 170s in the first two games.

My first game I bowled a 144, and followed it up with a frustrating 142. After the 5th frame of the third game, I announced that I was splitting the difference and going to get a 143 in the final game. And lo-and-behold I did it, carefully crafting the necessary spare-6 in the final frame after I over-estimated the need to 'fall off' the pace I was on previously.

Since Linzy of course can't bowl with her back, she was the official heckler.

Kaari and Brenden preparing for a chest-bump.

Me and the Birthday Boy.

Unfortunately for Brenden, Karri, Katie, Abbey, and Robin decided the Beer portion of the BBBBB was too weak, and proceeded to feed him shots all night long. It was like a 21st birthday party all over again. I can honestly say it was the first time since college that I've heard "cement-mixer" mentioned as a possible shot. And that was actually brought up several times during the night, though no one actually followed through on the threat.

Brenden and Linzy with Jager Bombs, Brenden's new favorite shot. Or perhaps it was just the least-offensive tasting shot he had all night. It's almost the same thing.

Brenden and Katie doing shots. This one happened to be the infamous "Goldschlager and Jager" shot which was produced when Katie ordered "Something icky" for Brenden. Rumor has it that fit the 'icky' bill quite well.

The aftermath of Brenden's final shot, which for various reasons did not really go all that well. We'll leave it at that.

The Worst Bartender Ever - Steve.

He apparently wasn't aware that tips are a major source of his income, because he was a complete jerk. Apparently earlier in the night Robin was yelling when Brenden took a shot and Steve ripped into her saying "People don't come here to listen to your screaming". Well, they don't come for his attitude either.

After I took this picture, Steve spent a while complaining about the 'too bright flash'. Once we tired of Grumpy Bartender Steve, Brenden wanted to go play some DDR and so that's what we did. And by we, I mean Brenden and Katie.

Brenden and Katie playing DDR.

Stretching before a game of DDR prevents pulled hammies. Unless you pull it while stretching, of course.

It is too bad that more people weren't able to join us for bowling, but it ended up being a really fun night regardless. That still doesn't mean I'm looking forward to my 30th birthday, however.


Brenden said...

Hooray! Someone who blogs about my life! :D
Nice pics.
Glad you had fun...I know I did. And the Jager bombs were really good.

Steve Eck said...

I actually thought the pics turned out pretty good, considering the Steve-repaired camera was in use.