Friday, September 29, 2006


I'm not a real big fan of heights. I don't mind roller-coasters, elevators, or other things where I am fairly securely strapped in. I can even climb on a roof if it is absolutely necessary and ideally a roof with a relatively gentle slope, but other then that I try to stay away from things that aren't very close to the ground. Because of this, I am always amazed by people who wash windows or shingle roofs for a living. Its a job I just wouldn't be capable of doing.

A few days ago, the house behind us had it's roof replaced. Linzy and I didn't even know they were considering a replacement until a squadron of roofers showed up. They managed to do the entire house (which is fairly big, with much more roof surface area then my house) and the shed in one day.

That sort of speed is pretty typical I suppose, but it was pretty amazing to watch how fast the 6-7 guys were, and the definite system that was in use (two guys just carrying shingles, two guys just laying shingles, one guy doing all the cuts, etc). What was really amazing was watching them do the shed.

By the time they got to the shed, it was starting to get dark, and they were noticeably hurrying. So much so that they wouldn't even carry packs of shingles around the house to the shed, but were instead heaving them across the gap from the house to the shed (where someone was nailing them down as fast as they could). Standing on the edge of a second story, heaving shingles with two-hands across a gap seemed somewhat risky to me.

Until they started jumping the gap.

Yes, instead of walking back to the front of the house and climbing down the ladder, the guys were leaping from the second story of the house onto the single story shed. And it wasn't even like they didn't want to have to move the ladder, there was already one setup on the shed. They just didn't want to waste the time walking back to the front and then back around the house.

And that's why I'll never be able to be a roofer. Because getting your roof done in a single day just isn't that important to me. I'll come back tomorrow, or bring a halogen work light before I risk a broken leg and/or death by leaping down 6 feet and over 4.

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