Friday, September 01, 2006

Helpful Assistance

Last weekend, I was over at Paul and Laura's house for Paul's 30th birthday party. As we were all sitting out on the deck enjoying the gorgeous night, we were provided a bit of entertainment at the house directly behind theirs.

First the Mom came out and mowed a single path around the outside of their extremely large backyard (probably .75 acres). Then she went inside and sent the young son out to mow the rest of the yard. I would guess he was about 12 years old or so.

While he was trudging his way around and around the yard, his two younger brothers/friends came out to the backyard. They spent a while jumping on the trampoline and heckling the poor lawn boy each time he would go past.

Apparently they quickly tired of this game, and decided that better entertainment could be had by lobbing footballs at the kid while he pushed the mower near their end of the yard.

There's nothing quite like the 'help' a brother provides with your chores.

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