Monday, September 04, 2006

Renaissance Festival

On Sunday a big group of us braved the elements and went to the Renaissance Festival.

It was overcast and already drizzling before we had even left, so I can't even use an excuse like "We didn't know it was supposed to rain". On the way there, the rain picked up and by the time we actually go out to the Festival it was raining pretty hard. Luckily we met up in the parking field with a group of friends who had extra umbrellas so we were all able to stay somewhat dry.

Shortly after we got into Fair, the rain let up and it actually looked like it might clear up (or at least leave off raining for a while). Unfortunately, it continued to rain off and on the whole time. Never particularly hard, but heavy enough to eventually make everyone wet and cold.

I joked several times that I felt like we were acting like we lived in Seattle, where you just continue to do whatever you had planned despite the rain. Because if you waited for a sunny day, you wouldn't ever do anything.

The one good thing about the rain was that it kept the crowds away, so the Festival was not at all crowded. There were, however, enough people and enough rain to make the entire place a giant mud pit. We all joked repeatedly about it being a more 'authentic' experience this way, walking around in the cold rain and mud all day long.

Still, it was fun to see my friends and when it wasn't raining real hard I had a pretty good time wandering around at the slow pace that becomes inevitable once you get a big enough group of people all trying to stay together. We saw Puke & Snot, who surprised me by actually throwing in a new joke or two for the first time in years. We also stayed to the bitter end and watched the Tortuga Twins R-rated show. That was pretty funny, although not that much funnier then the regular show.

I imagine if there hadn't been so many people lined up to go on the same day (including Dan & Kelli who came up from Iowa) we would have called off the visit to Ren Fest. But even with the weather it was still fun.

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