Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Video Games: Guitar Hero

Last night, just short of 9 months after I got the game, I finally completed the final song in Guitar Hero on Expert difficulty.

I'm pretty proud of the accomplishment. It's hard to compare the difficulty of completing different video games, but I would say finishing all the songs on Expert was significantly more difficult than winning a gold cup on the Special Circuit of Super Mario Kart, but probably not as hard as Master Ninja mode on Ninja Gaiden Black (though I don't have firsthand experience with that one).

I had actually gotten bored with the game several months ago and didn't play it all summer except at parties. Then on Sunday before the Renaissance Festival, Brenden was over. And we both can't resist a little multiplayer duelling.

So on Monday, it was already hooked up and the TV was already in Game Mode. How could I not play?

It took me two or three months of frustrating practice to be able to beat all of the other songs on Expert, including Bark at the Moon. Apparently the secret to completing Cowboys from Hell was not playing for 2 or three months, because after about 30 minutes of screwing around with random songs on various difficulties, I beat CFH on the first try.

Though, I admit that my victory was not exactly dominating. I spent the entire last solo positive that I was about to be kicked off.

The coolest part was that completing Expert mode unlocked the final secret guitar, the Battle Axe. Despite being a huge fan of the game, I didn't have any idea there was another guitar to unlock, so it was an unexpected bonus.

Only 62 days until Guitar Hero 2!


William said...

I am not an accomplished gamer, bur Rainbow Road was at least very frustrating.

Steve Eck said...

I thought you might appreciate that comparison. :)