Sunday, October 01, 2006

Brian & Tricia's Wedding

On Saturday morning, Linzy and I quickly got our act together in order to make it to my friend Brian's wedding in south Minneapolis. The wedding was a full Catholic ceremony complete with communion and all sorts of calls & responses that I'm not familiar with. The ceremony was very nice, and the couple looked really happy.

Strangely, the ceremony was presided over by Father Leo Schneider who looked disturbingly like the ruthless vice president I used to work for, and who he shares a last name with. Unfortunately the Father disappeared right after the ceremony, so I didn't get a chance to quiz him on his secular family.

After the service, we went to the downstairs of the church, where they had a nice little reception room set up for brunch. The cool thing about the reception having brunch is that that is Moen and Tricia's favorite meal. So we all got to share in that, which I thought was neat.

Before the meal, Brian and Tricia danced their first dance, and also did a Father-Daughter/Mother-Son dance that was real nice.

The meal was really tasty, complete with a wide-array of candy-in-bread-form like Cinnamon rolls, pecan rolls, and a few other sugary pastries I couldn't identify but felt obligated to try.

Unfortunately, we didn't really know many people at the wedding besides the bride and groom. There were a few people there I have met a couple times, a former roommate of Brian's, a person Linzy went to high school with who randomly knows Tricia, and Brian's friend Chris who we met up with when touring Europe 6.5 years ago. That was pretty it. Since most of the people we did know were in the wedding party, we were pretty much stuck keeping to ourselves or making awkward conversation with strangers who knew everyone else at the table.

After brunch, the best man and maid of honor gave nice toasts to the couple, and then it was pretty much time to head out. The service and reception were really nice, and I am glad that my friend found someone that makes him so happy.

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Brian said...

Cool, looks like a fun time!