Sunday, October 22, 2006

Close To, But Not On

Back this summer when I saw the pulmonary specialist, she prescribed a whole bunch of things to do. Basically, attempting to address everything that she could think of that could cause a persistent cough all at once. A different kind of inhaler, additional allergy medicine in case it was from post-nasal drip, etc. In addition, she banned Pippen from the bed.

Her theory was that, since I am mildly allergic to some dogs (typically of the long-haired variety) having Pippen on the bed could have been aggravating my allergies. My argument that she didn't have 'fur' like a normal dog and the fact that we'd had her for years and I hadn't had a problem didn't hold much weight. She replied "Well, people aren't allergic to dog fur, they're allergic to dog dander which is basically their skin. She has skin, right?".

Having no comeback for that, Pippen was thus banished from the bed.

It has been months, and Pippen is still positive that she is, in fact, allowed on the bed. She spends the night in her crate, but during the day she finds opportunities to sneak into the bedroom. If we leave her out roaming the house while we are gone, we'll come back to find a Pippen-sized warm nest made out of our covers. If we are playing a game or eating dinner in the kitchen, we'll see her disappear into the bedroom and shortly thereafter hear the not-so-subtle sounds of her beating the covers into an appropriate resting area.

As you can see from the above picture, her latest stubborn resistance to the bed-ban is to lay on the comforter if it droops to the floor. Thus being really, really close to the bed, but not 'on' it, so she doesn't get in trouble.

Of course, since the point is not to get her dander all over the bed, that kind of defeats the reason why she was banned from the bed. But at the same time seeing her curled up into a tiny ball on a little scrap of cover that happens to be on the floor looks so pathetic I have a hard time scolding her.

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Bill Roehl said...

Buddy was originally banned from anywhere at night except the kitchen. After us giving in on that, he was banned from the bedroom. After finding that he was sleeping (and subsequently destroying our 30 year old couch), he was banned from the bed. We eventually let him sleep on the bed at some points...

Anyway, while banned from the bed but in the bedroom he would sleep at the foot of the bed where our duvet hung to the floor. He proceeded to spend his nights quietly shredding the bedding until we finally noticed it.

He was again banned from the bedroom for a while after we had to spend $100+ to replace it :(

Dogs own us :(