Monday, October 16, 2006

Coming and Going

A little computer story for you today:

So at work this afternoon I was working at getting clusterware installed on a new set of database servers we are building. Part of the process involves entering in the public, private, and virtual names of all the servers that will be in the cluster.

After entering all the information in, I tried to proceed to the next step and got an error message complaining that one of the virtual names wasn't allowed because it couldn't be resolved (into an ip address). That was easy enough to fix, and after getting the hostname added to the hosts file I tried to continue again.

This time it got a little further, before erroring out saying that both of the virtual addresses were illegal because they were already in use on the network. After a bit of head scratching, and trying some things that didn't resolve the problem, we ended up having to remove the hostname definitions added to get around the previous step. At that point the install was able to continue to the next part (which also failed, but for a different reason).

So, let me re-cap:

1) You are required to have the virtual hostnames defined.
2) You are also required to not have the virtual hostnames defined.

Obviously the second issue is a bug, but how it wasn't caught in quality assurance boggles the mind. Anyone installing would have hit the problem. Luckily the install process was smart enough to remember it had already passed the checks requiring the hostnames to be defined, or we never would have gotten past that point in the install.

We've spent weeks trying to get these particular systems built, running into problem after problem. So it didn't surprise me at all when we hit even more bizarre issues. The fact that I can see the humor in the whole fiasco is probably a good sign.

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Bill Roehl said...

It sounds like my job. Things have to be done this way but they can't be done that way.

I love it and I'm glad you do too :)