Friday, October 27, 2006


I was flipping through the new magazine Linzy bought me for my flight on Monday, to take out all the subscription cards, and saw this quote from the lead singer of The Killers about their new album:

I'd put Sam's Town up against OK Computer; I'd put it up against Achtung Baby.

I like a bit of bravado and all, but seriously, the only kind of comparison Sam's Town is going to be involved in with those albums is "Hey, here's yet another album that isn't nearly as good as OK Computer."

Not that Sam's Town is a terrible album, I have many, many that are much worse, but it isn't a classic. I like The Black Parade much better, and even that I wouldn't consider on the same level as say, The Wall.


Bill Roehl said...

I love the photo :)

Steve Eck said...

Thanks. I picked it because at the time it was taken I was celebrating having just one a round of cards of the second time in a row as I had brazenly predicted before even looking at my cards. Bravado :)