Sunday, October 15, 2006

Dan's Birthday

Today is my friend Dan's 30th birthday, so we celebrated with him last night.

As my friends and I get older, it seems dangerously easy to have birthdays become less of a big deal. Luckily my particular group of friends has been pretty good about taking the time to celebrate everyone's birthdays. Sometimes people throw their own party (such as here, here, here, here, etc), other times someone else will throw the party (such as here, here, here, here, etc)

Either way, most of us try hard to make it to the various parties (heck, Dan and Kelli drive 3 hours on a fairly regular basis for some of the parties). The parties always turn out to be fun, and a good chance to hang out with friends even when we aren't able to do as much together as used to.

Dan's Birthday this year was no exception, everyone had a good time as far as I could tell. Linzy and I started the night by having Dan over for a tasty lasagna dinner and some birthday cake. Afterwards, we went over to Bogarts and met up with Tristan, Amy, Gerard and Mike for some drinks, darts, and to listen to the random cover band playing that night.

The band had a fairly decent selection of songs, although their implementation of that song selection was pretty poor. I'm not sure if the singer was having microphone issues or what, but he sounded pretty bad and was cutting in and out a lot. The theory at the table was that it was more a talent issue then a technical one. But regardless, the band was tolerable and we weren't really there specifically to see them anyway.

Anyway, the night was really fun and like I said I think everyone had a good time. Hopefully Dan had a good birthday.

Linzy using the 'gun' to light Dan's birthday cake.

Dan, looking embarrassed that we were actually going to sing happy birthday to him.

Dan, Gerard and Me at Bogarts.

How do these drinks keep getting put in front of me?

Amy thinking that Tristan isn't moving towards the door quite quickly enough.

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