Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Gophers Game

On Saturday, after a windy bike ride with Shawn, I went to the University of Minnesota Gophers football game with Brenden. I'm not a particularly avid college football fan, but I do really enjoy football and seeing a game live is always fun.

The game turned out to be a really fun game to attend, if somewhat frustrating, as the game was really close the entire way through. Eventually it was decided by one point.

The Gophers made mistakes left and right during the game, eventually falling behind Penn State. First they fumbled a punt inside the 10 yard line, which Penn State recovered and scored on. Then, just before the half the Gopher's coach called for three conservative runs trying to run out the clock and enter the locker room tied. But the three runs went absolutely nowhere (except out of bounds stopping the clock) and so the Gophers were forced to punt the ball away and leave Penn State plenty of time to drive down and score.

The second half was spent with the Gophers not doing much at all (not even stopping Penn State), until with 2:30 remaining in the game they finally put together a quality drive to tie the game and force overtime.

In overtime, the Gophers started with the ball, ran three terrible plays that managed to move the ball a total of about 2 inches and then amazingly threw a touchdown pass to the back of the end zone on 4th down from the 25 yard line. It was incredible.

But then, inexplicably the Gophers missed the extra point. Talk about an emotion swing.

On defense, the Gophers looked like they had Penn State all bottled up until on 4th down they got a bogus pass interference penalty called on them that gave Penn State a fresh set of downs from the 10 yard line. With that, Penn State drove in for the tying touchdown and demonstrated how to kick the extra point for the win.

So, even though the Gophers lost, it was definitely an exciting game to be at as the Gophers were competitive for the entire game and certainly had opportunities to win. Plus it was fun to see Brenden and spend some time hanging out.


Brenden said...

Bogus is right

Steve Eck said...

Ahh, I meant to go back and link that phrase to the YouTube video, but then that required digging up your e-mail about it...and...then it just didn't happen.