Saturday, October 07, 2006

Here's the Back

The other night (it may have been at the cabin, or perhaps Brenden's Birthday) I was talking with someone about how I thought it was kind of silly when a hairstylist uses the mirror to show you the back of your head after a haircut and asks "How does the back look?".

I realize they are just letting you see the whole package, but at the same time I've never once said "It looks like crap, what were you doing back there?". And I haven't ever heard any other male say anything other then "Yep, great, thanks.", nor any females for that matter.

After conducting a highly scientific poll that evening, my research indicates exactly 100% of people have never said anything of substance in response to being showed the back of their head in the mirror.

Then, last week I was out getting my hair cut and the conversation popped back into my head when, at the end of my time in the chair the stylist held up a mirror and said "So, how does the back look".

I jumped on that opportunity to quiz her whether anyone has ever actually said anything negative about the back of their hair after a haircut. She confirmed that no one she has ever cut hair for has ever said anything about the back of their head.

So, that only leaves one question: If seeing the back of the head truly doesn't matter, why do I always scramble to put my glasses back on after my haircut to see the back of my hair?

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