Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Independant Thinking

Tonight after work I took advantage of my hotel's fitness center for a quick spin on the elliptical trainer. Each of the machines has it's own TV attached with replaceable headphones so you can watch whatever you like. Unfortunately for easily-bored-me, there wasn't really anything on at the time I was running.

Towards the end of my run after a few spins through the channels I ended up on Mad Money. This being the Halloween show, he was picking one 'scary' stock that he thought was destined for a fall. In this case, he picked Hansen Natural, a beverage company. He went on or a while about why energy drinks were destined for a fall as they were a fad, unsafe, etc. Basically all easy, obvious observations.

What I thought was interesting was watching the ticker at the bottom of the screen, which showed after market trades. Which stock showed up constantly, with a red down arrow next to it? Why Hansen Natural, of course. Coincidentally or not, just after Cramer slammed the stock, sells after sells went flowing across the screen.

On the other hand, even if you thought things were rosy for the company, when a big name TV stock guy says its not a good stock to own, I suppose you have to take a long look at whether you are really sure you know more then him.

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Linzy Eck said...

I think I was watching him at the same time you were! Was he dressed up with a headdress?