Thursday, October 19, 2006

Integrity - Using the Term Loosely

Earlier this summer, my area of Lakeville got some hail during one of the storms. As such, our mail has been inundated with flyers and advertisements for roofing, exterior, and hail damage companies. Everyone apparently has a side business in hail damage repair these days, judging from the amount of 'family owned' businesses we get ads from.

The ads I can deal with. The advertising trailers sitting in various parking lots around the area, fine. But what annoys me is the companies going door to door offering free inspections.

The worst of these companies by far is one called Integrity Plus. They claim to be based in Lakeville but are actually based in Maple Grove according to their website. They've been to the house seven times that we know of (including 4 times in the same day). As if that wasn't enough, they send just as many flyers as the next company, if not more.

I would have serious reservations hiring a roofing company based on someone coming to my front door. I would never hire a company that goes door to door in the same neighborhood seven times and isn't even thorough enough to keep track of who they have already bothered. That's just stupid.

What makes me sad is that I assume this technique for pressuring people into getting inspections, and then pressuring them into filing for claims with insurance for a 'free' roof replacement is actually effective. Why else would they waste the time and manpower to have people come through the same neighborhood 7 times?

Maybe they actually do a good job on exterior repair, I have no idea. But I certainly don't like their way of trying to find business.


Andrea A. said...

Wow, seven times! For us it's the Weatherguard guy coming around annoying us. Shawn and I have decided with our neighbor (we have a twin home with a shared roof) to table our roof repair until spring.

Steve Eck said...

The story of your weatherguard guy was kind of scary, how he was claiming to the neighbors that he was working with you.