Monday, October 02, 2006

Sever's Corn Maze

On Sunday the weather was beautiful and the chores not pressing, so Linzy and I took the opportunity to head out to Shakopee to visit Sever's Corn Maze. Neither of us had ever been there before, and it turned out to be pretty fun.

For those of you unaware (which would have included me as of early last week), a corn maze is basically a Midwestern version of an English hedge-maze. Basically, someone (Sever Peterson in this case) plants a huge field of extra-tall variety corn. Then, when the corn stalks are about 6-inches tall they go through and cut out the pathways and designs for a big maze based on a pre-determined gridpaper pattern.

Flash-forward 6 months, and you have yourself an intricate corn maze people can wander around. Charge visitors $8 a head, and you're probably a rich man. Although you would have to admit at parties that your occupation was 'corn maze proprietor'.

The corn was pretty tall, so that normal people couldn't see over it unless they were approximately two-Linzys tall.

Anyway, the corn maze was fun to explore. This year the design had an Egyptian theme. In the past, they've had world maps, maps of the US, a T-rex, a sinking Titanic, etc.

What this year's maze looks like from the air.

Initially we just wandered around trying to get ourselves lost (which was surprisingly difficult since I could envision the maze in my head after having seen what it looked at the entrance). After that got old, we started navigating through the provided map to find some of the 26 signposts located around the map.

Both methods of exploring the maze were interesting. Not having the map in front of you all the time and just wandering around was fun, but after a while without a specific destination in mind you just kind of wandered around in circles. Finding the signs was fun as well, as you had a destination to get to, and had to keep track of all your turns so you didn't get lost. But after a while, that starts to get pretty easy.

Even from the observation bridge, you couldn't make out much of the detail of the maze.

They also had a whole tent filled with exotic animals at the maze. Most of the animals were decidedly non-active. But I suppose there is only so many handfuls of feed you can eat before you'd rather just take a nap (as demonstrated by Kangaroo #2 in the background).

There were camel rides to fit in with the Egyptian theme (or perhaps they always have them, I have no idea).

Before leaving, we watched some piglet racing, which was sort of amusing. Some of the pigs were pretty into being the first to get to the mini-donut at the end.

It was neck and neck in the final corner.

All-in-all we had a good time. The fact that it was in the upper 70s and sunny on the first day of October certainly had something to do with it, but the maze was definitely an interesting experience. It was something different to do, and both Linzy and I had fun checking it out.


Brenden said...

I hope it is still fairly nice when Allison gets here--that would be fun to take her to. I don't think they have corn mazes in Texas.

Steve Eck said...

Don't get me wrong, it wasn't like it was the best activity I've been to. But it was something a little different then the usual. We had a good time.

Bill Roehl said...

While I thought it was just ok when we went last year, my wife apparently thought it was a little better as we're going back this year.

Thanks for reminding her of this activity w/your post :(