Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sleep Mode

As I've mentioned before, these past few weeks I've been passing the time on my bus ride to work playing my Gameboy Advance SP. I've been entertaining myself by finishing up Lunar Legend, an RPG game based on the Playstation game Lunar: Silver Star Story, which was a remake of the Sega Saturn game Lunar: The Silver Star.

I started playing Lunar Legend quite a while ago, but lost interest when newer, shinier games were procured, and I never went back to it. When I was looking for something to play on the bus, it seemed like an obvious choice since it features save-anywhere, doesn't require any reflexes (its an RPG after all) and is pretty fun.

Anyway, last week I spent most of a morning making my way through one of the last dungeons in the game. For whatever reason I hadn't saved at all the entire bus ride. Then, just before we pulled up to my stop I walked my characters into an area that triggered an automatic cut-scene followed by a fight against the third-to-last Boss character in the game.

The problem here was of course that I had no way to back out of the boss fight and save my game. And turning off the Gameboy would erase all the progress I had spent 40 minutes on the bus making. But being an endgame boss, the fight was going to take a significant investment of time. Perfect for a ride home on the bus, but not something I could really complete standing in front of my building.

Ahh, I said to myself, my Nintendo DS has a nifty sleep mode where if you close the top the machine automatically goes into a sleep mode where it doesn't use hardly any battery at all. Certainly my GBA SP, being a redesign of the GBA released shortly before the DS will have a similar function. So I closed the top of the GBA SP, threw it into my bag and forgot about it until I was heading home.

At that point I discovered that, in fact, the GBA SP doesn't have a sleep mode when I pulled out the device only to find it a useless brick of plastic since the battery was totally dead.

So, not only did I have to re-do all my dungeon traveling again, but as punishment for not knowing the GBA SP didn't have a sleep mode, I didn't even have anything to do on the bus ride home that day.

That'll teach me.

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