Saturday, October 28, 2006

Tiny Contributions

Earlier this week I got yet another check in the mail from my former employer. This one was a minor $36 for second shift differential pay, as I had some on-call work the very last week I was employed there. Honestly I forgot all about it, so I was surprised to see that they actually followed through and paid me.

What was even surprising was that while they didn't withhold any federal or state taxes (though they did take Social Security and Medicare taxes), they still insisted on taking 401k contributions. $3.92 worth, to be exact.

That will get split seven ways and I'll end up with some infinitesimal increase in the number of shares of each mutual fund I own. Even more bizarre will be when the 2% company match gets deposited and I'll end up the proud owner of exactly 78.4 cents worth of additional former-company stock.

Of course, as a matter of principle I'll have to turn around and sell that, just like I've done with all the other batches of former-company stock that was purchased with their match. I wonder what I'll spend all that extra money on in retirement.

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