Saturday, October 21, 2006

Trail of Terror

Last night a bunch of us, along with every high schooler in the metro area went to the Trail of Terror. It wasn't very much fun.

First, it was crowded, ridiculously so. And it was fairly cold. And there wasn't much to see, so the two attractions you might want to see had long lines. Long, slow moving chaotic lines. Oh, and to top it off it was expensive ($12 a person).

I think part of the problem with the crowds is that it is MEA weekend for the kids this weekend, which means no Friday night football game. So all those kid who would normally have gone to the game were looking for something to do.

After spending 3.5 hours at the place, we had only just gotten through the scary maze (which was OK, but not worth a 3 hour wait in line). At that point there was still at least an hour wait for the hayride, so we left.

Not Worth The Money.

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