Monday, October 23, 2006


One day I, the pudgy prairie dog, was peacefully sleeping near my hole. All of the sudden another even less svelte prairie dog came waddling up to my humble abode.

Shockingly, he started heading in as if he paid the exorbitant mortgage payments on the hole.

I was like "Buddy, where do you think you are going?! You aren't invited into my prairie dog house! Buddy!"

Unfortunately, Buddy wouldn't listen to my fair warnings. Instead he charged further into my personal space.

So I did what any reasonable prairie dog would do: I grabbed him by the tail and dragged his fat behind out of my hole.

[ Today's anthropomorphism was brought to you by Linzy's photography and the Dakota County Library's free Minnesota Zoo Pass. ]


Linzy Eck said...

What the pictures do not protray are the growls and squeals the little buggers were making! It was kinda funny, and I probably should have taken a video!

Steve Eck said...

You'd squeal too, if someone grabbed you by the tail and dragged you out of a cozy resting place.

Andrea Anderson said...

What *is* funny is that at the MN Zoo there are all these huge exhibits of tigers, caribou etc and then all of a sudden you happen upon little podunk prairie dogs. Now that's funny.

Steve Eck said...

I always liked the Prairie Dogs exhibit when I was a kid. Sure they aren't as flashy as a tiger exhibit, but they are a little more lively and much closer.