Sunday, November 05, 2006

Cambridge Trip

As I offhandedly mentioned previously, last week I was in Cambridge, MA for work. The nice thing about this particular business trip was that a couple of other guys from my office were also out there for semi-related reasons, so I had people to hang out with. Not that we had much time to just hang out. My week was spent almost exclusively at the office, eating dinner, or sleeping at the hotel.

The hotel we stayed at was pretty interesting. It was a fancy place right in the heart of Cambridge, which was very convenient for getting to the office. The hotel's color scheme was gold, red, and leopard skin. All the rooms were done in combinations of those colors. Each evening, the hotel also had a wine bar reception although I never made it back to the hotel early enough to see what that all entailed.

Each night when I would come back to my room, the turn-down service had laid a crazy giraffe-print robe on my bed (most of the rooms had leopard print robes). I never actually tried the robe on, but it felt pretty nice. The hangers in the closet had little signs saying that if you 'liked' the robe, you could just call the front desk and they would add it to your bill. I didn't take them up on the offer.

On Monday me and another guy found the time to go to The Fours (At one time ranked as the #1 sports bar in America by Sports Illustrated) to watch the Vikings get destroyed by the hometown Patriots on Monday night football. Actually, since things were so completely out of hand, the locals weren't all that bad. It wasn't like we had much to cheer for, certainly.

On Wednesday my boss came into town and four of us went out to Fleming's for the fanciest steak dinner I've ever been a part of. The meal was fantastic, but the place was way too expensive for me to ever go there on my own.

The two other nights we ate at Joe's American Bar & Grill (on the waterfront), which had a really nice building and location, but I thought their food wasn't particularly good. Except for the peasant bread, which was fantastic. And supposedly their steaks were good, but I didn't try them personally.

The rest of the trip was pretty much what I was expecting, although I did get a pleasant surprise for the flight out to Boston, as the plane was switched and so we ended up with 40 people on a 43-row plane. All-in-all the trip was pretty much like every other business trip I've been on, except that I didn't do any off-roading.

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