Thursday, November 16, 2006


I ended up one person shy of a seat on the bus on the way home today (although that one seat would have been in the middle of the sardine row, so perhaps I didn't want it). As I was standing for the ride home, I noticed the lady to my left was busy doing a crossword puzzle.

One of the rows I watched her enter was "TSFJADC", the next one was "OIQW".

That's not doing a crossword, that's putting random letters in squares.

I'm not quite sure what the reasoning behind bringing a crossword as your only entertainment on the bus, if you just going to slap random letters in the grid until it's filled up. You might as well just bring some scratch paper and draw sketches of Ligers.


McBrideFarm said...

That is too funny. Did the person actually write the nonsense letters, or did that just appear as a result of several misguided attempts at filling in intersecting clues? I'm always paranoid about doing crosswords on planes or where people could potentially watch me. I'm always suspicious that someone is watching and privately mocking my ineptitude.

Steve Eck said...

It looked like the first was the result of having backed herself into a corner with incorrect answers to other clues. So she was just filling in the gaps. The other, was just slapping random letters into the puzzle. I guess in an effort to 'finish' it?