Thursday, November 30, 2006

Delivering the Rock

Today my group at work went over to the St. Paul Curling Club for an afternoon of curling. It was a really fun time, considering virtually no one had ever curled before.

The St. Paul Curling Club is apparently the largest curling club in the US and possibly the world (they claim the title and no one has disputed it). They have a cool 90+ year-old building complete with 8 'sheets' of ice.

After an awesome catered lunch (with some of the best sausage I've ever had), we broke into teams of four and spent a little over two hours curling. I ended up being the captain for my team, which was pretty fun. Being captain, you don't get to do as much sweeping, but you do get to throw last and so can play a big role in how your team does.

I turned out to be pretty accurate with the rock, and so I did pretty well. I scored our team's points in 5 of the 8 rounds, including the last four rounds straight. The highlight was using my throws to turn what would have been a 4 to Zero point score for my Boss' team into a 1 to Zero point score for us by knocking their rock out of the center of the house and leaving mine closer then all the others. That was good payback for when we were in Cambridge and my Boss was torching me in Cribbage.

I was somewhat less useful as a captain for yelling sweeping instructions. It took several ends before I felt like I had even a vague idea of how much sweeping a given throw was going to require. And even then, it was difficult to tell.

Regardless my team ended up winning 7 to 3 after eight ends, and I think everyone had a good time. I know I did. If you have a chance to try curling, I highly recommend it.


Brian said...

That's awesome. I've wanted to curl ever since we used to hang out at the Curling Club in Duluth.

McBrideFarm said...

Sounds fun! I liked watching curling in the last Olympics, though I often was confused about the rules. With your natural ability, perhaps you should take up a new hobby. :) Vancouver 2010!

Bill Roehl said...

They had curling at BGSU where Kim and I went to college but I never played it.

I know that it's big here in MN, with most of the US Olympic team coming from here but it's just not something I can see myself doing.

If I'm going to be cold and doing something seemingly ridiculous, it's going to be finding tupperware in the woods ;)

Steve Eck said...

Brian, I actually mentioned the Duluth Curling club to a co-worker when she asked if I had ever curled before, and I responded "No, but I've had a drink at the Duluth Curling Club before, does that count?"

Sarah, The rules were initially confusing, but after a couple rounds it was pretty clear. Basically you score one point for each of your rocks that are closer to the center then your opponents closest rock.

Bill, It was actually about 50 degrees in the curling area. And the sweeping is pretty hard work which helped keep you warm.

Brian said...

"No, but I've had a drink at the Duluth Curling Club before, does that count?"

Somehow I don't think "a drink" is a good description of our evenings at the curling club!

Ah good times.