Monday, November 27, 2006

Dinner Marketing

Last night, one of the chores we didn't get around to completing after our trip home from Duluth was the grocery shopping. That wasn't a particular problem, until dinner sidled closer and closer, and we realized that we had done an..efficient..job of cleaning out the house of food before leaving for Thanksgiving. So, taking the lazy man's way out, we just went out to eat.

What was interesting about our dinner was that the restaurant we went to was party to an interesting marketing scheme. At each table, in addition to the random condiments and usual flip-display of ads of appetizers, drinks, and dessert options there was a little cardboard display advertising a board game: Buzzword.

That little cardboard sign actually contained about a dozen sample cards for the game. Since the game is a relatively simple word game, this let you try out the game during the time you'd normally have to, you know, make conversation.

Not that Linzy and I have problems coming up with things to talk about, but the game was actually mildly amusing and perfectly suited to provide a little entertainment while waiting for our meal to be cooked.

I certainly won't be running out to buy the game, but the marketing definitely managed to make the game's existence memorable. Of course, I'm sure I will get tired of the ploy when sample-cards-from-board-games-at-the-dinner-table reaches over saturation. But for now, I thought it was clever.

[ Update: And no, this is not a cheap ploy to get the game for Christmas. It wasn't that good of a game. ]

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Scooter said...

I've been considering all the links to yourself in your posts and that you told me you do them manually. I read a good article on Bayesian algorithms and .NET the other day...I'm pondering whether, now that I'm not actually going to be coding for profit anymore, I should make it a pet project to write a Bayesian link generator that just parses email for one, two and three word prhases and links them back to the most likely post. Even better, I could just highlight a phrase and it would find an appropriate post. Or, if a series of words matched a certain threshhold (%), it would create the link. Then again, maybe if I just talk about it, someone else will write it for me.