Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Exactly one year ago today, I posted about the pointlessness of making sullen high schoolers running the cash registers at retail stores ask whether people 'found everything ok'. The inspiration for the post was during a disappointing trip to Best Buy to buy dual-layer DVDs.

Over the past year I've slowly worked my way through the pack of dual-layer discs I bought last year. So, I am once again in the market for some dual-layer discs.

Surely, I thought, now that another year has passed and you can get cheap 16x dual-layer burners basically anywhere, they must carry faster DVDs at Best Buy.

Hah. It's actually gotten worse.

Now despite having an entire wall section full of DVD media (versus half-a-wall-section last year) they still carry only 2.4x dual-layer media and one overpriced 5-pack of 6x discs re-branded with a sticker as being 'up to 10x'. Forgive me for my doubts as to that stickers credibility.

Apparently I must be the only person looking to put more then an hour of full bitrate movie files on a single DVD. Or at least the only one unwilling to devote 50 minutes to burning a 2.4x dual-layer disc.

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