Wednesday, November 15, 2006

No Damage Here

I mentioned last month that back in August my neighborhood had a relatively severe hail storm. Since then, we've had a number of people out to look at the property to inspect for damage (though not Integrity Plus, of course, because they're idiots).

I was shocked, shocked I say, that every single one of the people who came out toed the party line.

Roofing companies: Damage to the roof, needs to be replaced.
Insurance Company: No hail damage from this storm, no need to replace.

It's hard to imagine that there might be a bit of bias on both sides.

Eventually, after we sicced the roofing company on the insurance company, some appeals and other gyrations the insurance company eventually admitted that perhaps the roof does need replacing.

Of course, in true insurance company fashion, even when they did send us a settlement check, it was for less then the estimate we submitted. Meaning more back-and-forth while the roofing company and insurance people haggle out the actual price for replacing a roof.

I fully anticipate next August to be looking for a new insurer, after this one adds 50% to my rate for renewal to recoup their costs.

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