Sunday, November 19, 2006

Pickup Line

Last week over lunch I was walking through the skyways over by the Target Center. I passed a guy wearing a big fur coat and what looked like pajama bottoms.

After I got a little way down the hall, he started yelling "Hey slim". I have to admit I was thinking "Shoot, what does he want". After repeating the call, he called "Hey you in the black jacket", which clarified that he was in fact talking to a lady a little ahead of me. They had this conversation (held by yelling back and forth):

Dude: Hey, I've got some shoes you should take a look at.
Lady: What?
Dude: I have these shoes, you should check them out.
Lady: I am going to work.
Dude: Oh, you don't look like you should have to work. Where do you work?
Lady: St. Paul.
Dude: Oh, you ride the bus?
Lady: Yeah.
Dude: Hey, what's your name?
Lady: Mrs. <whatever>
Dude: What?
Lady: Mrs <whatever>
Dude: Oh, I thought you said "Ms". Are you married?
Lady: Yeah.
Dude: Oh, well I don't want to talk to you then.

I have to admit I've never heard "Hey I have some shoes you should look at" as a pickup line. Based on a highly-scientific sampling, it works about as well as you might expect.


Scooter said...

I love the state fair shoe as the graphic...I'm picturing Paul Bunyan hitting on babes in the skyway...

Steve Eck said...

Did Paul Bunyan wear a fur coat and pajamas?