Sunday, November 12, 2006

Tattoo Socks

I was walking in the skyway at lunch last week, and I happened to get stuck behind a large, slow-moving group of people. While waiting for the next opportunity to pass, I noticed one of the women in the group. She was wearing one of those fancy woman's business suit/dress things. You know, the kind that are like a suit, but with a skirt instead of pants.

Anyway, while we were going down the stairs into the next building, I happened to be looking down and noticed that the same lady who had the very professional suit on, also had huge ankle tattoos. On both ankles. And I'm not talking like thin bands of ivy or barbed wire or something. These were full-on, two-inch thick designs that wrapped all the way around her ankles, front, back and sides.

The reason they caught my eye was because to the quick glance it actually looked like she was wearing ankle-high socks. Tattoo socks, very professional.

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