Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thanksgiving Weekend

Linzy and I spent this weekend up in Duluth spending Thanksgiving with her family. The weekend was fairly relaxed, and a lot of fun.

I had Wednesday off of work, so we took a leisurely (or slow, depending on how you look at it) drive up to Duluth in the afternoon. We spent most of the remainder of the day assisting with preparations for the big day. That evening, Larry and I watched "Find Me Guilty", which was not particularly noteworthy.

As usual, Thanksgiving day festivities were held at Linzy's parent's house. Sandy's side of the family came over, although now that Linzy's cousins have gotten older, there were a lot fewer people then there have been in past years. It was a fun time, with lots of good food. Although Stacy and I spent hours doing all of the dishes afterwards.

On Friday, Linzy spent the morning hitting the Black Friday bargains while Sandy worked, and then they both spent the rest of the day shopping. Larry and I spent the day visiting car lots looking for a used pickup truck for Larry. In the middle we stopped to see Casino Royale. I enjoyed the film, although I had some quibbles with it. Surprisingly, Larry liked it too and even acknowledged that Daniel Craig 'might not be too hard to get used to'. That's high praise from Larry. That evening everyone met up with Lonny and some of his friends for dinner at Timberlodge.

Saturday was a bit more laid back. Larry and I spent the morning installing a new doorknob and deadbolt on Linzy's Grandparent's house. Then after lunch Larry, Linzy and I went up to Two Harbors to check out their used car lots. After dinner, we all watched Cars. Which was better then 'Find Me Guilty', much better, and a big hit with everyone.

Today we made the trip back home, and did most of the chores that pile up when you've been gone for a long weekend. All in all it was a very enjoyable and relaxing holiday weekend.

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Andrea Anderson said...

Shawn and I enjoyed Cars also.