Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Day: Pictures

After a full day of fun with the family on Christmas Eve, on Christmas Day Linzy and I held festivities at our house. Linzy's parents made the trip down from Duluth, my parents, sister and brother-in-law came over, and our friends Paul, Laura and their son Evan joined us for dinner.

But before any of that could take place, Linzy and I exchange our gifts for each other...

Linzy, being the loving wife that she is, shattered the 'blatant-disregard-for-the-spending-limit' record previously held by me. She pulled off the double-switcheroo: after we had opened the stocking gifts pulling out a box that was obviously the size and weight of a next-gen console system. Thus making me think I was getting what I had been joking about for weeks. But, upon opening the wrapping paper, I saw nothing but my old XBox box. Thus making me think that in fact she had just wrapped up something random to get my hopes up.

Except inside the XBox box was actually an Xbox 360. Next Gen Starts Now. Gametag: soeck, by the way.

Linzy's parents brought tubs full of presents, all very clean after having been in the bed of the truck when Larry took it through the car wash. There was a bed cover over them, but it turns out to be somewhat less then water proof.

Sandy, Larry, Pippen and Linzy opening presents.

Larry films Sandy opening a gift.

Once we finished opening all the presents, there was just barely enough time to clean up and start working on preparing the food for when people would arrive.

Here John torments Pippen with one of her new toys.

Me relaxing with Pippen.

Pippen was very relaxed.

Table for eleven, please.

Evan discovered two new tricks at our house: how to chew tabacco and how to swear. Who says we are bad influences?

Seriously though, he learned how to turn around and back down the stairs as well as wave to himself. He was really having fun going up and down the stairs.

Dad, John, Mom and Sarah model their fleece-vest style.

Christmas was terrific, as always. It just went by much too quickly.

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