Friday, December 29, 2006


I was disgusted to discover recently that Windows Media Player 11 is still incapable of handling the tags for AC/DC songs.

Slashes must be what are used internally to split multiple artists in an ID3 tag, because WMP insists on changing them to AC ; DC or DC ; AC whenever the whim strikes. Sometimes it gets really saucy and starts appending additional sets of AC ; DC onto the tags until eventually the artist list looks like "AC ; DC ; DC ; AC ; AC-DC" or something similar.

What I can't understand is why this problem still exists. I mean, Back in Black is the best selling album by a band ever. So I can't possibly be the only person having this problem.

I've tried everything I can think of to get it to leave the tags alone. Trying AC-DC, trying AC / DC, trying to escape the slash. Nothing seems to work.

Even more frustrating is the fact that Windows Media Player won't stop updating the tags. Even when I got back and edit the tag and apply the media changes, or use the built-in "Find Album Info" option to let WMP update the tag. It still insists on going out to find missing information for the tracks and says "Oh my gosh! He doesn't credit 'DC' as an artist on this song. Better add it".

In a previous version of WMP I had to turn off retrieval of media information from the Internet to get it to stop. I'm afraid I might have to take that drastic step again. Which is just inconceivably stupid.

[ Update: I should note that changing the library settings to "Overwrite all media information" instead of "Only add media information" appears to fix the problem. It might cause some other problems if WMP ends up overwriting information you wanted with its version of the truth. But it does seem to fix the AC/DC -> AC;DC;AC problem once you change the setting, force all media changes to be written out, and update the artist information one more time. ]


Bill Roehl said...

I find it inconceivable that you use WMP ;)

BTW, we had a great time in Vegas. Thanks for posting your trip to your site to give us a renewed idea to get there ourselves :)

Steve Eck said...

There are two issues with switching to another media player. One is that through an accident I have a number of CDs that were ripped in wma format. Not all of them were in wma lossless, which means that I likely would have to re-rip the cds again in order to get regular mp3 versions.

The other is that only Windows Media Player will deal with my Rio Carbon, which though no good for directly listening to, is still useful for bringing mp3s in to work.

The end result is that inertia wins and I keep using WMP.

I'm glad you had a good time in Vegas! I'm sorry we weren't able to loan you the vegas travel guide.

Bill Roehl said...

Re-ripping your collection would definitely not be cool. Bummer on that :(

No biggy on the book. There were plenty of online resources to be used and honestly, books and online resources can still only give you a little of what there is to do. We didn't even get down to the Fremont Street Experience because we just didn't have the time!

matty said...

A Solution!
AC/DC is my favourite band and i share the same frustration as you but i have found a solution, just watever the artsit is named as (DC or AC or watever) right mouse click the album picture and click update album info
and voila
it should work :D