Thursday, December 14, 2006

Dying Hats

Remember a few Halloweens ago when Linzy and I dressed up like Mario and Princess Peach? Linzy did a good job getting those costumes together, but until tonight I had totally forgotten about the first, failed attempt at Mario's hat.

The theory was that we would take a cheap painters cap and use Rit Dye to dye it nice and red. I had never used dye, but the concept seemed reasonable. So a few nights before Halloween, we were down in the laundry room filling the sink down there up with water and brilliant red dye.

After waiting the alloted period of time, we took out the hat and it had hardly changed colors at all. So we put it back in and waited some more. And then waited some more, and then...eventually decided that it was as good as it was going to get. We took the hat out and let it dry overnight. This is what we ended up with:

If it looks like a strange pale orange color, that's about what it really looked like. For extra fun, consider the fact that even though the hat was dry, it was rejecting the dye so much that it was coming off on my head when I tried the hat on. But at the same time, my laundry tub is still faintly pink, even to this day.

We eventually concluded there was no way the hat was going to work, and we were going to have to pony up for the 'expensive' legitimately red hat at Target. Which turned out very well, obviously, but it still seemed like we should have been competent enough to be able to dye a hat red. Apparently not.

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