Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Keeping it Boring

The holiday season always brings ample opportunity for me to end up in a conversation with a rarely seen relative about "What exactly it is I do, again".

I used to have a variety of fairly simple examples of the kinds of stuff I do, ready for use in those types of situations. But, since I've switched jobs some of those examples don't really apply any more.

Today I decided that henceforth, my job will be described to people as "I'm in charge of keeping things boring". The fewer surprises the better. If I take an interesting chart, and eventually turn it into the dullest, flattest line, I'm doing good.

When my group has been there, done that, and already written a whitepaper describing the exact steps, all the better. That's my job; keeping things boring.


Brian said...

That's pretty funny. I used to tell an old boss that I could be more busy if he really wanted me to be. Boring means things are working as they should be!

Steve Eck said...

I'm not sure that it will be any easier to explain, so I doubt I will actually try it. But I did think it was a funny idea.