Saturday, December 23, 2006

Learning to Fly

I was browsing Wikipedia tonight, adding cover art to my music library (which I might add is stupid-slow in WMP 11) and ended up on the Pink Floyd discography page. There, in the 'song samples' section was this entry:

Learning to Fly
Inspired by Gilmour and Mason's love of flying small aircraft. From A Momentary Lapse of Reason.

That brought back a memory of high school, when in Honors Mythic Patterns one day we were listening to the song and were then supposed to discuss it's meaning. One of the other students in the class said something like "It's about drugs, I think". And for some reason I scoffed and went "Well, all Pink Floyd songs are about drugs".

Which they are, when they aren't about war. Anyway, the teacher put me on the spot after that and forced me to come up with some alternative explanation for what the song was about. After momentarily struggling to come up with some other explanation for what the song was about, I eventually just made up some rather vague claim of how "it is about drugs but more specifically...blah blah blah".

At the time, I couldn't really think up another explanation for what the song meant. Clearly, I was trying to be too deep, since the song is literally about 'learning to fly'.

Listening to it again tonight, it still sounds an awful lot like it's about drugs...

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