Thursday, December 07, 2006

Video Games: Guitar Hero 2

Last night, one month to-the-day after I got the game, I beat Guitar Hero 2 on expert mode. It was much more of an accomplishment then I was initially thinking it would be, as the game is pretty tough on the higher levels.

As I expected, I really enjoyed the game, though perhaps not quite as much as I liked the first one. Overall the game is a lot more polished then its predecessor. The song selection is a bit of a mixed bag. There are lots of songs that I really enjoy playing, but also a surprising amount that I strongly dislike and some I outright refuse to ever play again ("Yes We Can" and "Freya" come to mind).

There is still more to unlock in the game, if I spend the time to get 5-stars on all songs on Hard or, less likely, if I get really crazy and attempt it on Expert. And of course there are other guitars if I waste several hours of my life playing through in Easy mode.

In general I had a lot of fun learning the new songs, and I was pretty surprised at how quickly they ramped up the difficulty this time around. The only saving grace is that they finally have a practice mode which makes learning the difficult parts much, much, much easier then in GH1 where you had to play through an entire song only to find out that, nope, you still can't play the final Bark at the Moon solo.

Speaking of solos, that got ramped up in the new game as well. Hangar 18 features 9 solos, and the final song in the game is Freebird has guitar solos lettered A-S. All back-to-back, starting about 5 minutes into the song. Some of them are pretty tough, even with practice mode I still only managed to hit 44% of the notes in the devilish guitar solo 'I':

Overall I really enjoyed the game, and since the game is jam-packed with so many songs there are lots that I will probably still keep playing and trying to improve (or even complete, in the case of several of the bonus songs on expert). If you own a PS2 and don't have Guitar Hero 2, you're missing out.

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Bill Roehl said...

I should probably get a copy. I have no desire to get a PS3 so I better get what I can out of the PS2 while there's still time ;)