Sunday, January 14, 2007

Busy Times

Things have been pretty busy around here lately, and they aren't looking to get much better anytime soon:

Last Friday we went over to Paul & Laura's house, along with Brenden and Allison, for dinner and some hanging out afterwards.

On Saturday I cleaned the house, Linzy went to dinner with some college friends, and I watched the directors cut of Kingdom of Heaven. Which, while ridiculously long, wasn't anywhere near as bad as the critics make it out to be.

Today I spent the day trying to collect all the Christmas stuff around the house and put it away. And then will probably watch a movie tonight.

On Monday I am having lunch with the former co-workers I used to eat lunch with everyday, but who I haven't seen since I changed jobs.

On Tuesday I am having lunch with my Dad.

On Thursday I am meeting some really-former co-workers for happy hour and dinner.

Then on Friday, I'm giving a presentation to a group of VPs at work, which I am kind of nervous about.

Wednesday is apparently the odd-man out, with nothing specific planned. Yet, at least.


Dan Phillips said...

Funny I was just going to call to see if you were free wednesday. I wanted to see if you would shovel my roof off.

Steve Eck said...

In that case, I'm pretty sure I'm busy on Wednesday. Yep, definitely busy.