Monday, January 22, 2007


While I was in the grocery store the other day, picking up some easier-to-cook meal supplies and I noticed something new. Or at least new to me, as I don't go to the grocery store very often: Half cakes.

They were regular, large double-layer cakes cut perfectly in half (as in, a half-circle), in a form-fitted plastic container, but otherwise normal cakes.

The amusing part was the price: $6.99. An identical full-sized cake: $7.99.

My hat is off to the executive who came up with selling the same amount of cake for a 75% premium, very smart. I have no doubt there are plenty of people out there worried about having 'too much' cake on hand, and so perfectly willing to buy half a cake for virtually the same price. Especially around this time of year.



McBrideFarm said...

One can never have too much cake. Silly people.

That is pretty funny.

Scooter said...

But if you really really don't want to eat a whole cake, you've wasted a dollar. Sometimes it's difficult to give food products away - particularly half of one. You might have more luck contacting a friend in advance, and offering them half a cake for a dollar. I'm one of those people who might spend $6.99 if I was sure I wasn't going to eat a full cake and I was afraid it would just go stale before I could find someone to eat it.

Steve Eck said...

Sarah, I agree.

Scooter, I suppose, but couldn't you just buy a smaller cake in the first place?