Sunday, January 28, 2007


A week or so ago, just before our 6-month cable deal was set to expire, I called up Charter to see what they could do for me for a new deal.

As has been our experience in the past, as soon as you hit the top-level package they don't offer any discounts anymore. See, the discounts only work if you are 'upgrading' your service level, even though invariably the price for the higher service level will be less then what your current bill is. Then you have to drop down to a lower programming level for a bit and then get the next good deal that comes along.

That's how the game works, and true to past experience, that's exactly what happened this time around: They wouldn't give me a price break. Unfortunately with the new TV, I couldn't do my usual ploy of dropping all the way down to analog cable (from which you can get the best 'upgrade' deals) because in order to keep the HDTV channels you need a digital pacakage.

The timing of all of this is poor, however, because all the shows I watch on HBO are just starting again (Rome), or set to start back up in just a few months (Entourage and Sopranos).

But, you can't have everything I guess, so I'll have to wait for the shows to come out on DVD and Netflix them. Or hope that in a few months I can talk the cable company into giving me a deal again. We do get to keep the DVR, at least.


Bill Roehl said...

If you have an HD DVR, you're one of the lucky ones. My buddy was on a 1 year (minimum) waiting list for a HD DVR from Charter.

He got pretty pissed off about Charter's non-sense and switched to DirecTV a few weeks after moving here. He kept them for their Internet though.

He's on a waiting list for DirecTV but it isn't a year long.

Steve Eck said...

Yeah, I just saw an article the other day about how all of the cable companies are out of HD DVRs right now because of the big demand. I guess we were lucky that we got one last summer.