Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Healthy Eating

Sometimes I'm surprised at the offline responses I get to my posts here. For example, take my lament over my pizza-making disaster from over the weekend.

Over the past three days, I had 5 different people ask me how my eating was going with Linzy being out of town. Apparently, public opinion of my self-sufficiency is low. The prevailing theory on what exactly I was eating hovered somewhere between nothing but Macaroni & Cheese and sandwiches.

Just to reassure those worried about my continued health, I managed reasonable meals every day. I even had vegetables and/or fruit with all but one meal. And, no I wasn't eating out all those meals. So there. :)


Brenden Johnson said...

You can leave the mac+cheese, waffles, and ice cream eating to me!

Steve Eck said...

The "ice cream and waffles" dinner crossed my mind as something to include on the suspected list of what I was eating, but I thought it would come off as a shot at you. :)