Thursday, January 25, 2007

In Stock

I ended up on an impromptu survey of next-gen video game consoles stores had in stock yesterday. My friend and I ended up randomly in a game store over lunch after he was claiming they had Wiis in stock. Then that night Linzy and I happened to be at Target and Best Buy so I thought I would check their stock.

The end result?

Playstation 3s in stock: At least 10
Wiis in stock: 0

The dedicated video game store even had flyers up advertising the fact that they had PS3s in stock. That can't possibly be a good sign for the system.

Incidentally, the Wii is an interesting topic for reasons similar to my post yesterday, no one appears to believe that I can resist buying one soon. Every time the topic comes up in conversations with friends they inevitably ask "So, have you bought one yet?".

While I think the Wii looks interesting, I am also somewhat realistic about the amount of free time I have: not much. Certainly not enough to be able to do justice to yet another video game system. I'm also annoyed by the somewhat expensive price for what is effectively a slightly faster Gamecube with a new control scheme, and the outrageous $60 price for a controller and nunchuk attachment.

That isn't to say I won't get one, I'm sure I will. But at this point I am sticking to my story that it probably won't be until before our next party.


Nikki said...

The Wii is well kewl! My sister bought one for her Daughter for Xmas and I had a lot of fun playing on it :) I think ill save up some pennies and buy me one!

Dan Phillips said...

It was fun. The little I got to try it. One nice thing about the Wii is that its like a complete workout after a while. That is the first thing a console system can offer me that a PC cant.

Steve Eck said...

Nikki, Good you buy one, and then I'll come over and play it occasionally. :)

Dan, That and games that work on your system without driver upgrades or long install processes. :)

Dan Phillips said...

Thats true Steve, however sometimes to get to the pot of gold you have to take the long road. ;)